Bitcoin in a Jar

As a support agent for a non-custodial wallet company I ran into many a user that had little idea how bitcoin transactions are calculated.  Over time I developed an explanation that I believe hits the mark.  We will use one of my transaction IDs to discuss the details. Imagine an empty jar.  This jar represents the  next block in the blockchain.  Since Bitcoin transactions fees are calculated by how many inputs you need to add to the block to create your send think of each one of these transactions as a marble.  The more marbles you need to put in Read More

Distribution vs Centralization of BTC a case against the lightning network

Will Bitcoin Core be anything more than a store of value like digital gold? Ah, the years old argument of why Bitcoin is a store of value rather than an actual functioning currency.  By now, if you’re a Bitcoin maximalist, you have stopped reading because you cannot see the writing on the wall.  As a front line warrior in the battle vs. the legacy banking system it was quite revealing what could and will happen as the crypto revolution moves forward.  The Lightning Network could moves us back to what Satoshi warned against as well as possibly being easily co-opted Read More

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